Welcome to Customer Service at Spicy Horse Games

While we do strive to answer all tickets as quickly as possible, wait times for responses can be up to 8 hours (or more), depending on what part of the world you're in and the complexity of your question or problem.

We STRONGLY SUGGEST you read our FAQ about frequently encountered problems before submitting a ticket. Some common issues are also linked to below. Answers for common problems are provided and you might quickly find the answer you're looking for.


Payment issues
Missing Gold

Error 5 (and other mysterious "error" messages)
The Gate forums on SpicyWorld
Wiki Pages for The Gate
What's my Tourney Rank?
Why can't I evolve?

If you would still like to submit a ticket:
Click the 'Tickets...Submit New' link at the top of the page to submit a bug, request, or suggestion.

You can also submit a request or bug via Email by clicking here.


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